Malaysia-based public relations consultancy Intelectasia plans to enter the Cambodian market in 12 months with its Supernewsroom data analytics service, according to CEO Manminder Kaur Dhillon.

Supernewsroom is a sort of media bank which provides connections to all media organizations and access to updated lists of editors and journalists, platforms to send press releases, RSVP tools to track media attendance and other features.

Ms. Dhillon said the Supernewsroom service suited Cambodia because “the media landscape is vibrant and similar to Malaysia. We see a tremendous growth potential in the various industries there who will want an extensive media database and publicity, which we believe is what Supernewsroom is able to deliver.”

Last year the company was a seed fund grant recipient, gaining a $122,000 grant which it earmarked for the first phase of its regional expansion into Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Intelectasia has now secured a partner in Vietnam who will manage the entire operations in that country. The CEO added: “As for Thailand, we are in the midst of identifying a suitable partner.”

Once these deals are bedded in, Intelectasia will then seek to form a Cambodian partnership with a “PR agency or digital, monitoring or media intelligence agency to sell the service to companies that want more media coverage and a simplified platform for their entire communications needs.”