Nava-K - Launch of Supernewsroom , Malaysia's First Digital Media Relations Platform

As a blogger who've been blogging for five years, I've spent countless hours on-line. In fact I still do until my other half can't understand what's with staring at the screen and pressing the keyboard continuously. Obviously he knows I blog but he like to assume that I'm obsessed with blogging to the extent of neglecting him. Of course I admit sometimes he's neglected but since I'm also the home affairs minister, he shouldn't complain. Whatever it seems, as a blogger, its essential being connected with the rest of the world in real-time.


For the matter of fact, everyone else is on-line too. Either work related or socialising on social media. For me it's purely work. Similar to when I was in the education industry for 20 years. With the advancement in technology, the momentum of working on-line picked up rapidly. Uploading materials prior to lecturing is important. Otherwise students won't be pleased. They take it as an excuse of coming to class unprepared. For the same reason or more to that, I couldn't agree more with the opening remarks of Ms Manminder Kaur Dhillion during the launch of supernewsroom. Malaysian's first digital media relations platform.

Ms Manminder, the founder of Supernewsroom, award winning public relations partitioner and Malaysia's top media trainer spoke about tapping the vast potential of Supernewsroom as a platform of bringing the media, organisations, writers, editors, bloggers and anyone who sources out news. 

While each of us may source and share different news, Supernewsroom also offers the convenience of being connected in a simplified way. I agree how it is to source for news with only a small pool of people. Generally by calling those we know from the same industry or asking for contacts, going through the database or sending out e-mails. Thereafter hoping for a positive reply while waiting for the response. I'm not saying its impossible but with Supernewsroom, news travels super fast. Primarily staying connected with a larger pool of people from various industries for current and future news. 

I believe Supernewsroom is going to spear new opportunities for bloggers like me. Unless and until I create a profile and get connected to others, I can't knock doors for a wider spectrum of different events.