The company is a Cradle Fund CIP 500 grant recipient last year, and it is using the MYR500,000 grant money for its first phase of regional expansion – into Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Chief executive officer Manminder Kaur Dhillon said the immediate targets are to build media clientele among Thailand and Vietnam organisations.

In Malaysia, the company intends to engage 1,000 organisations by the end of this year. It now has over 40 local clients.

In terms of media network consolidated on its Supernewsroom platform, Intelectasia already covers 17 markets in Asia-Pacific.

“This year is our aggressive year of raising funds, and expand regionally. I hope this will open us to more funding from around Asia,” Dhillon told DEALSTREETASIA.

Intelectasia is also considering doing a part of its fundraising through equity crowdfunding (ECF), having been in talks with

Dhillon shared that when the company spoke about raising funds on the ECF platform, the latter had in turn engaged the consultancy for a media launch event.

Additionally, the company is also looking for partners to collaborate on the data analytics that can be derived from the platform, once the user base hits a critical mass.

“We would love to get a lot of partners on board as well, to see what partnerships can be formed in regards to Supernewsroom’s data analytics,” she said.

Supernewsroom offers 10 features to assist users manage their media engagement.

Among the features are connections to all media organisations, access to updated lists of editors and journalists, media profile, customisation options for users to build own media lists, platform to send press releases and RSVP tools to track media attendance and iReport, an analytics of users’ media engagement activities.

Dhillon, who was previously a teacher and then a journalist with a broadcast media firm in Malaysia before she dabbled in public relations and felt it was her real calling, said the formation of Supernewsroom came from the dreaded media follow-ups that public relations practitioners had to do prior to every event.

“I used to hate the process of calling the media to check if they are attending your event. It takes up too much of your time. And the clients need your database, for that, we need one person dedicated to just handle an updated database,” she said, recalling how she lamented on not having a single platform to solve these issues.

The features developed on the platform were inspired by the feedback Dhillon and her team gathered from other public relations and media practitioners.

“The idea is that it is not so much about premium product but a go-to platform for organisations – from corporations, to agencies to startups even – who want to engage media,” she said, explaining that Supernewsroom is essentially a B2B business.

“Once companies see how this can help them in achieving their bottomline or market share, I do believe we can disrupt the industry in a very good way,” she said.

Access to Supernewsroom’s offerings come at a price of MYR500 per month, or MYR800 for the premium package.