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“I was introduced to SUPERNEWSROOM and it was a lifesaver, it was a timesaver. After sending out Press Releases, I would then have to follow-up by calling each media outlet and most of the time the press release was not sent to the correct person designated person. Since we started using SUPERNEWSROOM there has not been one press statement that was not picked up by the media! I have overshot and surpassed my KPI already!”

Harpreet Kaur
Chairman Media and Publicity Chapter
Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society
Harpreet Kaur
Chairman Media and Publicity Chapter
Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society

“SUPERNEWSROOM has really helped us become a lot more effective. The Media contacts are really up to date, which has made contacting the media easier. It helps you see the right kind of publications and media profiles to contact. The RSVP Function has also abled us to minimize the amount of follow through calls to media. For those who are looking for a way to get their brand out the out there, SUPERNEWSROOM provides the platform. “

Shamil Mohd Yusoff
Head of Corporate Communications
CyberSecurity Malaysia

"It's really convenient. It really helped us a lot in terms of distributing a press release and also calling the media to come for an event. With SUPERNEWSROOM, everything is running smoothly, convenient and we can actually gauge how many people see it, click it and even RSVP. Distributing a press release is just by one click. You can reach out to as many media and it has no limitations. We can also share a press release beyond Malaysian boundary."

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